Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sit Down Young Stranger

***Ack! Due to a typo on my part, the post that was supposed to go up yesterday did not. First day I've missed since I started the blog! Here it is - there will be two posts today, to catch up.***

On the plaza outside the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch at the corner of Georgia Street and Homer Street, there's an art installation called Walk In/Here You Are by Christian Kliegel and Cate Rimmer. It's part of a larger collection of art commissioned by the City of Vancouver's Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program for 2010. According to the "listen to the artist" phone number (604.998.8038, press 2) on the sign accompanying the piece, it's a collage of street furniture arranged in front of a projection screen. Through the year, six different curated video selections will be projected for public viewing. Christian Kliegel is responsible for the seating arrangement, Cate Rimmer for the video curation.

Why the benches and picnic tables are half-sunk into a wooden deck escapes me. But it's possible I'm just not very sophisticated about art.

Post title from this song by Gordon Lightfoot.

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