Friday, July 23, 2010

Time Stand Still

A combination of circumstances has put this blog on the back burner for the last several days: a broken camera lens (I weep), a flurry of new business activity (I celebrate), and the general busy-ness of summer.

But I'm back! And I'll be posting two photos a day until I'm caught up. Here's the first of today's:

This morning I read that the 2010 Olympic countdown clock, situated on the Georgia Street plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery since February of 2007 was going to be split up and moved. I've had it on my mental list of things to take a picture of for months, so I hopped on my bike and did so. Rather than try to get a shot of the whole thing in a plaza filled with summer tourists, I got up close and pointed my lens at just the LED numbers, which have stayed at zero since the Olympics began. Reflected on the shiny surface of the clock's face is the Hotel Vancouver, which was opened in 1939. I like the image of one of downtown Vancouver's older buildings superimposed on a clock showing that time has run out.

Post title from this song by iconic Canadian band, Rush.

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