Saturday, July 31, 2010

Critical Mass

The last Friday of every month in downtown Vancouver means Critical Mass - a sometimes militant, often vocal, usually unruly mass bicycling demonstration through the streets. Woe to the car driver trying to get home during rush hour; Critical Mass usually snarls up traffic for hours, often closing the Lions Gate Bridge entirely for an hour or more. As much as I'm a cyclist myself, and advocate for more bicycle lanes and better vehicle driver awareness, I'm not personally a fan of their methods. To me it seems counter-productive - I just can't figure out how cycling through the streets without regard for the rules of the road, blocking traffic, and angering vehicle drivers is going to make anyone more enthusiastic about cyclists. Perhaps I'm just not very clever.

Caught this snap with my iPhone at the beginning of about a thousand cyclists barreling down Beach Avenue early this evening, fresh from their triumph at closing one of only two accesses to the North Shore in the midst of Friday rush hour at the beginning of a long weekend. I must be mindful as I go about my business next week, that vehicle drivers may be tempted to run me down if they think I was a part of the demonstration.

Post title from this song by Brian Sanhaji.

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