Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sign O' the Times

I've posted about the Woodward's building before, and its iconic W sign. The old sign that sat atop the Woodward's store for decades was removed before the original building was demolished, but it was too decrepit to return to service atop the new construction. A new sign, a replica of the old, was put there instead. I didn't realize until recently that the old sign has been installed as a public art piece on the ground adjacent to the new building. It's a relic, pockmarked with rust, red paint flaking, but I'm glad in a self-servingly nostalgic way that they kept it and have put it on display. I managed to find an angle, while walking through that area one day, that included both signs, the old one at ground level, and the new shiny one perched atop its tower. On the left is the new residential Woodwards development.

Post title from this song by Prince.

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