Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Me To The Riot

A couple of days ago, I posted a little bit about the Woodwards Building and its "W" sign that's been an iconic part of the Gastown skyline for decades. Not long after posting that photo, I went down to check out the Woodwards redevelopment for myself, and maybe take some photos of artwork at that location by renowned Vancouver-based artist Stan Douglas. The public atrium of one of the buildings has, as one of its windows, a huge photographic recreation of riots that occurred in the neighbourhood between hippies and police in August of 1971. The piece is large: 13 metres wide by 8 metres high, and I struggled to take a photo that did it justice. So instead I stood almost directly under it, pointed my camera up and got a shot of the reflection of the new multimillion dollar residential tower across the courtyard, that replaced the old Woodwards department store building.

For a photo of, and article about, the creation of the artwork, click here.

Post title from this Stars song.

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