Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Vancouver has over 400km of designated bicycle routes. This one recently opened on Dunsmuir Street, one of the main routes into the downtown core from the east side. I took this picture on Saturday morning when there wasn't much traffic, and blocking the bike lane didn't risk the ire of bicycle commuters. I get around a lot on my bicycle, especially as the weather is getting nicer with the arrival of spring - evidenced by the cherry tree in bloom on the right hand side of the street here. The Catholic church on the left is the Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Post title from this song by the Shout Out Louds.


  1. Nice street shot. I particulary like the placement of the bycycle.

  2. Lexi, i am so glad i saw this post of yours! We are starting off our summer holiday in Vancouver this july and i was hoping i could some sort of a guided bike tour. We have them in Rotterdam and i once did one in Berlin and they're really funny and interesting and also my kids could see a bit more than the usual highlights of a city. Could you recommend me anything?