Saturday, April 3, 2010

Skyscraper National Park

This is the view from my bedroom, looking east over Vancouver's West End and downtown. There was something about the dramatic sky and hard contrast of the sun on the buildings that asked for black and white on this shot. (I promise not every photo I post here will be an iPhone/Hipstamatic project, but I have been having a lot of fun with it!)

The highest structure near the centre of the photo is the recently opened Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver's tallest building at 61 floors, and home to Market by Jean-Georges, an excellent (but not inexpensive) restaurant. (I recommend the sablefish.) Most of the buildings in the foreground are residential, changing to office towers and hotels the further you get from my vantage point.

*Title of this post is from Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slapstick, and also from Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden's album of the same name.

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