Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hockey Song

Although they're long over, little remnants of the Olympics remain, like this temporary sign on the right designating GM Place as an official venue for Olympic hockey. Not the prettiest picture I've ever taken, although you can see reflection of the North Shore mountains in the windows of GM Place here. Vancouver is a hockey-mad town in a hockey-mad country. Click here for a short video that captures everything you need to know about Vancouver's reaction to Canada's Olympic hockey gold medal winning moment. (Make sure your volume is on. It starts off slowly, but stick around until the 1:20 mark and you'll see what I mean!). At the moment, the Canucks, (the Vancouver NHL franchise) are in the middle of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Last night we tied the LA Kings 2-2 in a best of seven series. Even when I don't watch the game on tv, I can always tell when the Canucks score because of the mayhem and merriment that erupt from the apartments all around me in downtown Vancouver.

Although I'd love to see the Canucks go all the way this year, I'm a little nervous at the prospect - the last time the Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 1994, there were riots in the streets of Vancouver when they lost!

Post title from this iconic Stompin' Tom Connors song.

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