Friday, April 23, 2010

Running to Stand Still

On the Stanley Park section of the seawall yesterday, I came across this statue honouring Harry Winston Gerome, an accomplished Canadian track and field athlete who grew up in North Vancouver. I've walked or biked past it many times but never stopped to look. I always assumed it was a statue of Roger Bannister, commemorating the "Miracle Mile" race in 1954 in which Bannister won against the only other man (at that time) to have run the mile in less than four minutes. Again, this project of posting a photo a day has increased my curiosity and knowledge about my own city. I love it!

Across Coal Harbour in the background you can see downtown Vancouver, including the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Marine Building, and one of the five sails of Canada Place.

Post title from this U2 song.


  1. A great photo of a great athlete immortalized in the form of a great sculpture!

  2. I love how the sculptor caught the moment when the runner stretches for the finish line. I can almost see the tape. Great skyline too!

  3. Glad that you decided to stop and have a closer look. And that you now know who this is! Cool shot.