Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life by the Drop

Just around the corner from yesterday's shot is this public art work, called "The Drop". Created by Inges Idee, a group of four artists from Germany and Sweden. As I biked along the seawall and came around the corner, suddenly there it was, 20 metres high, bright blue, and elegant in its simplicity. It was unveiled last September, yet somehow I knew nothing about it - again I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm learning about my own neighbourhood and the city at large just by setting out each day to find photos for this blog!

Title post from this Stevie Ray Vaughan song.


  1. Nice! I can almost imagine the gigantic drop of water that created this splash!

  2. saw the drop for the first time a few weekends back when landing on a Harbour Air floatplane, looked fabulous from the water. arvi

  3. I am really loving this blog, Lexi! It's so cool to see where you go next!