Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For a few days in the last week, the HMCS Oriole was docked near the sea wall in Coal Harbour, and the upper deck was accessible to the public, so I hopped on board and took a few photos. According to the crew member I spoke with, the Oriole was built as a pleasure yacht in 1921 for a wealthy Ontario liquor trader, eventually landed in the hands of the Canadian Navy, and was commissioned in 1952. She's normally based in CFB Esquimalt, on Vancouver Island (the home port of the Canadian Navy Pacific Fleet) and was in Vancouver for a few days participating in day sails to benefit a couple of charities. Rather than try and get a photo of the whole ship, (difficult to do as it's a 31 metre long vessel that was crowded with people) I chose to point my lens at the deck for some detail instead.

Post title from this song by Bet On.

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