Wednesday, May 5, 2010

King & Queen

Another Biennale piece. This one's along the seawall in Harbour Green Park. It's called The King and Queen, and is by Romanian-born Canadian artist Sorel Etrog. On the placard accompanying the installation is: "In this work the artist makes manifest the complex relationship between man and machinery and the conflict between individual agency in craft and industrialized mass manufacturing in the modern world."

It doesn't say anything at all about the statues being covered in muddy footprints.

In the background is the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Stanley Park, and Coal Harbour Marina.

For photos that show the entire piece, click here.

Post title from this song by Mary J. Blige featuring John Legend.

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  1. The name od the post and the photo made me laugh. Then I read about manifest... My reaction could disappoint the author. Lovely couple.