Monday, May 24, 2010

Market of the Night

Yesterday early evening I stopped by the Chinatown Night Market to wander through the stalls of trinkets, knockoffs, and delicious street food of the meat-on-a-stick variety. Vancouver has two Chinese night markets during the summer months - this one in Chinatown proper on Keefer Street and another in the suburb of Richmond. Clutter in my home being in no short supply, I go strictly for the food. Green onion cakes and sui mai are must-haves!

In the background loom the distinctive concrete and glass residential towers of Yaletown.

Post title from this song by the Great Bloomers.


  1. y'know i have lived in Vancouver my whole life and I have not once been to either night market. I really should kick myself. We have such great cultural diversity here. It is truly amazing.

  2. The Richmond one's bigger, but the Chinatown one's closer for me. Good food at both, more variety at Richmond. Both worth checking out just because. :)

  3. Thanks for saying the above comment, I was about to ask you. Jake and I take a day trip to Vancouver every summer in August, and I was thinking the night market might be something we should check out.