Sunday, May 23, 2010


This photo is not, strictly speaking, in Vancouver. Yesterday while I was in Richmond I wandered from the Brighouse Canada Line Station (the end of the line) to Minoru Park. I'd never been there before - although I've worked in odd places all over Metro Vancouver on film sets in a previous career, Richmond is usually avoided for filming because the proximity to the airport and all the airplanes flying overhead are a real nightmare for the sound guys. So Richmond is more or less unknown to me.

Minoru Park was the location of the O Zone during the 2010 Olympics. Once a horse racing venue and airstrip, it's now home to a variety of athletic and cultural facilities. Here is an at-ground-level detail shot of the 400m long running track, built on the original horse racing track.

Post title from this song by Miss V.

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  1. I lived in Richmond for 8 years, working at the Starbucks down on 3 Road and Ackroyd (by Save On Foods). Minoru is one of our favorite spots because just over from the track is a beautiful park (perfect to take small kids for a walk and to see the ducklings/turtles), and a small church. We were married in the church and had photos on the park grounds.

    Can't say I miss Richmond too much-it's a lot more busy now than it used to be, but we always find ourselves there when we take a trip over because it's familiar.