Sunday, May 9, 2010

Know Where to Run

Today, in addition to being Mother's Day in Canada, is also this year the date for the annual Sun Run in Vancouver. It's a 10k race starting and finishing in downtown Vancouver, and the route runs within a couple hundred metres of my apartment. Over 55 000 people of all ages and ability levels took part in it last year. Final numbers for this year's race aren't available yet - as I type thousands of people are still running through my neighbourhood. I actually ran in it years ago; I came in 19 999th out of about 40 000 runners. (So now you know I am decidedly average!) As soon as I finished the 10 km, my knees said, "Never again!" Now I content myself with lying on the grass near the race's edge and taking photos. This morning I planted myself under a parking sign, figuring people would be avoiding running into the sign, and thus, me!

Title post from this song by Orbital.


  1. Great photo! One year, when I actually am in shape, I may just participate. (snort-Who am I kidding?!?!)

  2. share your perspective and the run itself happily & vicarously on this stunningly gorgeous West Coast Sunday.